What is Yoga?

The art and science of Yoga originated in India over 4000 years ago. It is a self-empowering healing system that helps one to:

– maintain or restore health
– pursue a journey of growth and transformation.

It includes a broad range of powerful tools that ought to be used appropriately under the guidance of a competent teacher. Some of these tools are:

– physical exercises (asana)
– conscious regulation of breath (pranayama)
– sound and chanting (mantra, non religious)
– symbolic gestures (nyasa)
– visualization (bhavana)
– meditative practices (dhyana)
– guided self-enquiry (svadhyaya)

Ideally the teacher must be trained to customize these tools into a unique practice for each individual; multiple factors are taken into account: the physical, mental and emotional states of the person, the needs, past experiences, education, lifestyle, diet, environment, etc.

Yoga is for everyone – regardless of cultural background, age, creed, ability or spiritual belief.