Yoga Classes – Adults

Just Yoga (one hour): 

In these two Wednesday morning classes we focus mainly on postures (asana) combined with conscious breathing. We also practice breathing techniques (pranayama) at the start and/or at the end. A range of variations and modifications are used to keep the practice safe and enjoyable for everyone, and each group is very small (6 or less) so that I can adjust as and when needed. You may join the 8:00 am or the 9:00 am group when there is space, or the wait-list when the groups are full.

Breathe and Relax (one hour):

Would you like to learn how to manage your own stress, by yourself, whenever you need to? Do you need to feel more connected to your self yet not disconnected from those around you? Would you like to learn how to “pick yourself up” without drinking a cup of coffee? In this Friday class you will learn techniques of mindfulness to recharge your batteries and manage tension in everyday life. We use breathing techniques, visualisations, relaxation methods, sound, and also gentle postures and simple movements, so you are not be seated or lying the whole time. You will come out feeling restored and refreshed. Maximum 6 participants.

Vedic Chanting (30 minutes to an hour): 

Discover the power of sound and why many traditions have used chanting to reach the deepest layer of consciousness. A reflective, deeply calming practice, Vedic chanting cultivates concentration and leaves one feeling energized and refreshed. The texts are non-religious. No prior experience is needed.

Pre-natal yoga (one hour): By appointment

A holistic preparation for pregnancy and birth, pre-natal yoga benefits mothers to-be through gentle movements, conscious breathing, visualisation, relaxation and mental preparation for childbirth. This class respects the mother’s evolution through the three trimesters of pregnancy, with individual adjustments depending on which trimester you are in.

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