I was trained by Valerie between January 2013 and June 2015 and it was a life changing journey. It was a life changing journey. For each of the asanas we studied (50 in total) or breathing techniques (pranayama) we studied, we spent a fair amount of time digging what could be harmful for some conditions, when we could do it or not, what would be the expected effects of such practices, and also how we should prepare the body before doing this asana and how to compensate. We learned the basics of building a sequence of asanas that will have the right dosage of strength and relaxation, with the proper warm up and cool down sequences. We also learned adaptations that should be proposed in some cases or in response to certain conditions.

Besides probably the most life changing element of all this was the study of the Yoga Sutras of Patanjali, one of the most respected Yoga texts / philosophy. That really has turned my perspective on many things. Coming from the corporate world, I started this training more with a personal development and self enrichment objective. I ended up teaching full time and gave up my corporate life and I bet the Yoga Sutra studies played a big part in this!

I've liked the curriculum and the fact it was spread out. It has allowed me to digest the dense information from one week end to another (approx 5-6 weeks later). The home studies in between 2 modules was also a great way to make sure the information was well absorbed and understood.

Indeed I enjoyed it so much that I am continuing the journey with further yoga studies while teaching nowadays.

I've very much liked Valerie and the way she passed on her immense knowledge always in a very humble way and to the level I was ready to take at each step. Thanks Valerie !

Celine Chambat, Yoga Teacher, Graduated in 2015
I have studied the complete yoga sutras under the guidance of Valerie for the last one and half years as part of a small study group.  Throughout the course, Valerie has imparted all her teachings and all her knowledge in such a style that these esoteric texts are taught and questioned until they are understood. Valerie reviews each previous lesson, relates difficult concepts with modern and personal analogies and always has space for any questions. Valerie's effective handouts, Skype sessions and recorded classes for those who are unable to attend ensure all members are on the same page every time we meet.

I have also hosted Valerie at True Yoga for a 2 day workshop on Pranayama, delving into it's theory and practice. Valerie defined pranayama from the ancient texts, yet taught us pranayama techniques that were ideal for a daily practice.

I plan to continue studying under Valerie with a repeat of the yoga sutra course and of the Hatha Yoga Pradipika.

Rohit Mistry, Yoga Teacher, True Yoga Singapore
I have done the TT training with Valerie, first as a way to learn more about yoga and how to do myself good. In reality it’s been an amazing and life changing journey. The pace of the training, the wealth of information and knowledge that were shared and offered, the personal reflection that was required were at the heart of this training. It has put yoga at the heart of my life. it started with posture and physical well-being and it moved into a deepest sense of self, connection to oneself and to the others. I can only highly recommend the journey!

Jehanne Phares Hakime, Yoga Teacher, Singapore
Valerie Faneco is not only an outstanding teacher of yoga but an inspirational person. I have been seeing her for eight years now. Prior to working with Valerie, and over many years, I intermittently enrolled in group yoga classes but nothing stuck with me. Then I discovered Valerie and yoga therapy. Valerie has been a great find for me — she continues to make a difference in my physical, emotional, spiritual, and psychic life. I often marvel at her reading of health and mental concerns and her prescription of movements and breathing techniques to address these concerns.

Dr Mandakini Arora, historian, private student
I had completed 2 extremely physically rigorous yoga teacher trainings and been teaching for 5 years already by the time I met Valerie in 2014. Beseeched by my chiropractor, I came to Valerie as a yoga therapy client for advise on my postures. I was injured and in a lot of pain but convinced it was because I wasn't trying the "right" way. To my initial chagrin, Valerie gave me a very slow and gentle practice, which took me on a journey, scary and uncomfortable at first, of discovery of vast dimensions inside myself. Over time, the pain got better, and many of my self critical attitudes changed. Under Valerie's guidance I have found joy and wonder once again in practice, and in myself. This helps me in life. I continue to study with Valerie, even from abroad, in her yoga sutra courses and her yoga teacher training course.

Vanessa Ramirez, Yoga Teacher, London
My yoga journey with Valerie has been one that is very fulfilling and personal to me. I began my Teacher Training Course with a very shallow understanding of yoga and also, surprisingly, myself. Studying under Valerie, I became mentally stronger and physically healthier. I saw myself grow as a person and as a yoga teacher . She was always very helpful in answering any questions and open to hearing any of them too. Thank you Valerie for helping me to realise and nurture this potential.

Madeleine Ong - Teacher Training Course Graduate 2015

Learning yoga with Miss Valerie is great. I started doing yoga when I was five years old. Miss Valerie is a brilliant yoga teacher. She is so patient and doesn't force us to do anything we don't want to do. She is also very encouraging. When I was scared of doing a head stand, she talked me through it  because of which I was able to do it. Doing yoga is the best and one of my favourite things to do.

Anika Shankar, 11 years
Learning yoga with Miss Valerie has been amazing. Miss Valerie is always so patient and understanding when I can't do a posture properly and she is so encouraging. I can't believe how far I've come from where I started. I feel like every lesson I learn something new about yoga.

Rhea Shankar, 14 years
Valerie has helped me come full circle more than once, first concentrating on postnatal and core strengthening, then emphasizing stress management, followed by prenatal exercises and childbirth preparation, and once again postnatal recovery. Every practice she devised has been realistic in scope and has provided wonderful physical and mental therapy during my tumultuous child-bearing years

Jessie Kahn-Duve
I have attended classes and had sessions with many different teachers but yoga with Valerie was a very different and more rewarding experience. The class moves at a pleasant, not hurried pace, the students are encouraged to breathe into and feel the postures and Valerie gives every student her care and attention. A class with her is joyously uplifting.

Neil Riley
Holistic Living, Singapore