I took up yoga after a health crisis and tried a number of instructors before meeting Valerie. Working with her yoga practice has helped me to internalize breathing and calming techniques and made me feel more in tune with my body.

Alison Cannon
I began taking yoga classes on a Tuesday evening, and came to discover that I slept much better those nights, and woke a happier, more relaxed person….This was the beginning of an ever-evolving journey for me, as my yoga practice takes over a greater role in my life. Now (after seven years), I can feel the effects of my practice at every moment: I have more energy, I am able to relax more fully, I am calmer, steadier and mentally more clear than ever. I do not feel stress, and I can touch joy on a newer, higher level because little can shake me.

Kara Smith
This program provides the solid skills to become a good yoga teacher. The duration of the training is a strong point: I can notice and feel the difference between the moment I started the course and now. it has been the most fulfilling and spiritually enriching period in my life. I also feel more confident to teach.

Angelique Allain, Teacher Training Course, France
Overall, I would say that it is a great experience not just for people who want to become yoga teachers, but for anyone who wants to go deeper in life. It has been a fascinating journey of blossoming and growth. I am very grateful.

Natalia Bruchilari, Teacher Training Course, Argentina
I am happy that this course takes 2 and a half years to complete because it takes time to integrate the teachings into daily life and it is through consistent practice that inner transformations are able to take place. It also requires discipline and commitment to stay on the path of yoga. As this is a comprehensive course that includes the in-depth study of the various tools of yoga, I feel well equipped to begin my journey of helping others through the work of yoga.

Siew Cheng Koh
Yoga Teacher, Singapore
I wanted to let you know that I did the breathing exercises last night and didn’t need to throw off the covers once because of being too hot while sleeping. This is amazing! Thanks and I will keep at it.

PT Yeoh
private student, Singapore