Yoga Therapy (one-on-one)

What is it?

In ancient India, yoga instruction for adults was only conducted on a one-to-one level. Today, personalized instruction is still the ideal way to begin or to deepen one’s personal yoga practice; it allows for individual needs, desires, abilities, and even schedules.

When it is used wisely, yoga has the power to support wellness, healing and personal transformation.

We also work with patients and their health care providers to address a range of conditions and support healing. Here are a few examples of situations where yoga therapy forms an integral part of a health management program, in some cases in consultation with health care providers:

menopausal symptomshigh blood pressure
sleep disordersdiabetes
depressioneating disorders
recovery from injuries and traumahormonal imbalances
back painpregnancy
arthritispost-natal care
disorders of the nervous system

How does it work?

You begin by filling out a health questionnaire and then meet the teacher to discuss your needs, abilities, interests and goals in practicing yoga. The information in the questionnaire remains strictly confidential. Based on this assessment the teacher will prepare and monitor a customized yoga program for you over the following weeks.

This program may combine any one or more of the following yoga tools:

  • conscious movements and exercises (asana),
  • regulation of the energy by conscious breathing (pranayama),
  • visualization,
  • guided self-enquiry,
  • sounds, and some chanting for those who are inclined (non religious),
  • symbolic gestures,
  • dietary and lifestyle advice (ahara-niyama, vihara-niyama)

You are encouraged to practice daily or at least as often as you can for your practice to have some effect. The yoga therapist will adjust the practice if and when necessary based on your feedback.
Your program may vary in length depending on your specific case (ranging from 10 minutes to 1 hour). It is important to set realistic goals, to move step by step, and to be firmly established at any given stage before moving on to the next.

Your personal practice is drawn on A4 paper with all relevant indications and information. download a Sample practice

We usually ask our therapy students to invest in four classes and take them a few weeks apart, for the establishment of a personal home practice. The frequency of further sessions is for them to decide. Make an appointment.

Rate: SG$450 for the first 4 sessions, includes the initial consultation (up to 1.5 hours) and three follow-up sessions (1 hour each). Subsequent classes are SG$ 110 each (1 hour).